What are Google maps

Google maps are web mapping services which are made by Google. In Google maps, satellite imagery is provided, there are street maps, there are 360 degrees panoramic views of the entire street, there is information with regards real time traffic as well as it has route planning which can be done based on the mode of travel – by foot, by bicycle or car or based on public transportation.


Google Maps was launched in 2005 and it uses Ajax and JavaScript XML. This also has an API which allows the maps which are there to get embedded onto different websites. There are sites such as findcarwashnearme.com which uses Google Maps. These allow urban businesses to be found as well as it can even extend across countries, organizations and infact all over the world. The way this works is that for example when the user types in car wash near me or car wash nearby a top down view which is also known as a birds eye view is provided of the city through aerial photography or through satellites. Google maps also use a variant of the Mercator projection. In this system when the user drags the map, there are various grid squares which are inserted into the page as they are downloaded from the server. The user then searches for the business and the results are then inserted into the side panel map, thus it saves time as the entire page need not be reloaded. The positioning of the locations are shown by a red pin which is on the image. The site uses JSON for it to transfer the data rather than using XML as that makes the performance better.