What are bully sticks

bully sticks are commonly used and commonly given dog treats. These are dog chews which are made of pizzle of the bull. These puzzles have had a variety of uses in the past. They have been used as walking canes, they have been used to make medicinal powders as well as they have even been either eaten raw or in cooked forms by humans.

These bully sticks originate from either US or South American cattle though there are water buffalo puzzles which are made into bully sticks and these come from countries such as India, New Zealand and Australia. These bully sticks are made differently and their method of making them differs as per the vendors. Some sun dry the products in order to remove the moisture content from them. However, this method is not the best method to be employed as there are varying temperatures and this also implies that the products are exposed to the natural elements. Bully sticks can also be smoked using traditional smokers which remove the moisture. This when done with wood, leaves a smoky aroma on the bully sticks. The sticks usually are hung from racks vertically and cooked in ovens so that they are made bacteria free and they can safely be consumed by the dog. When these bully sticks are hung vertically, it also removes most of the moisture from these products and when they are dried for long periods of time they have less odor. The products based on the manufacturers are then cut and sorted as per size. The thicker the bully stick, the longer the dog will have to chew on them and the longer the dog will be occupied by it. These are great treats to be given to dogs and they are completely natural as well.