The Desk Toy for Anxious People: Fidget Cube

When people are anxious and nervous they tend to lose their focus and concentration from the important issues and things going around them. This is the case among the executives and almost all the employees working in a corporate workplace, students are also one of the victims of anxiety and nervousness, etc.

Thus, the tiny toy, fidget cube , is a boon for all those who have a habit of fidgeting which keeps your fingers busy and your mind calm and cool which eventually will reduce your stress. The popularity of the fidget cubes has raised more than 2 million dollars revenue in a period of one week. Many activities such as constant clicking of a pen or biting nails or pan tapping are unnoticeable and for these people, the fidget cube is the best suited engineered device having six different features present on each face of the cube to suit all the needs of your fidgeting. The features that are useful for the anxious people are: Click face having three buttons that click and two buttons that are silence which is the best alternative to pen. The second face is the glide which resembles a joystick help to reduce the stress by using the thumb. The third face is the flip side of a switch which can be moved in both back and forth direction. The anxious person can switch it gently while writing any test or during a meeting or he might switch it at a faster pace to hear the audible sound of switching. The next face is the breathe side inspired by the worry stones.
The person needs to simply rub the surface to reduce anxiousness. The fifth side is the roll side featuring both the gear rolling and the ball rolling. Another feature of the rolls is that they can be clicked as well. The last face is the spin side that possesses a dial which spins. Different colors of the fidget cube available are Die, Aqua, Graphite, Berry, Sunset, Retro, Midnight and Fresh.