Questions about the debt collectors answered

The people do not know their rights and the debt collectors know that. This is the reason that most of the time the people are subjected to the kind of behavior that they do not deserve so here are a few things that you need to know as a debtor

• Are there any rules that apply to the debt collectors? Yes, of course! There are laws that tell what all is in the legal rights of debt recovery service and what is not. It is only when they abide by the law that they can be immune. As soon as they are working beyond that they can be easily prosecuted. • Are they allowed to contact you any time of the day? No, the collectors can only contact you between the times of day that is allowed. In Singapore the debt collectors can only contact you from 8am to 9 pm. • Can they contact you at work? Well, for that too the answer is no. But you will have to make it clear that you are not allowed to receive personal calls at your work place. • What about the privacy of your debt details The credit collection service is not allowed to disclose the details of your debt to anyone. Only the people who are representing your case and your spouse can get the details about the debt and the due amount. Making public disclosure of your debt amount is strictly prohibited. For this you can a file a formal complaint about them in police. • Can they contact the debtor if all dues are cleared? Definitely not! If you think that you do not owe any money and still you are being contacted by the debt collectors then you can tell them to stop doing that and to send you proof validating the debt.