Discovering the Lip Smacking Tastes & Variations of the Tapas Stockholm

Just like every country has its own popular cuisine, Spain is popular for its exquisite appetizer known as Tapas Stockholm. There is no particular form of this cuisine and this is what makes it special. Tapas can be literally anything, even a simple bowl of olive fruits. The only rule applicable is the dish should be flavorsome and must be eaten standing up while talking with friends and family members. Spanish foods are considered to be the favorite of people all over the world due to the freshness of the ingredients used.

Tapas-The blend of taste and simplicity Due to the simplicity in terms of its cooking and variation of ingredients used, Tapas Stockholm has greatly found its way as a favorite snack in the bars and even barbeque parties. The name of the dish means cover; this is due to the action of the bartenders to cover the glass of drink with a little bread piece in order to stop flies from getting in. Three popular variations of Tapas Stockholm to be enjoyed Tortilla de Patatas (Spanish Omelette): This particular appetizer can be found in almost every bar in Spain. The snack or appetizer comprises of potato complimented with onions, mushrooms, tomatoes or beans as per the wish of the chef. Meatballs in Albondigas or Tomato Sauce: Mostly found in the tapas bars, this dish is said to taste best when served directly from the pan. In comparison to the Spanish tomato, this dish has more variations. Jamon Serrano: In this dish, the ham it is rolled in sea salt, hung and left to cure for up to eighteen months, before the skilled Jamonero decides that it is ready. The legs are mounted on special stands to be carved into paper-thin slices. A perfect complement to Jamon Serrano is Manchego cheese. Lastly it can be said that with so many variations of Tapas Stockholm in the Spanish bars, you can be sure of experiencing the vivid variations of tastes of Spanish cuisine.