Young Jeezy: Not enough for the rapping world

In the world of hip hop, there are innumerable rappers belonging to black ethnicity, bad childhood and engaged in wrong habits like shooting, use of weapons and drugs but still have attained high net worth value with their talent and skill set of rapping.

One such name is Young jeezy who has net worth of $15 million after a span of almost 20 years of his music and rap career. There is a lotto know about his music journey and personal life available on
His career His source of income never restrained to music and rap and he even explored himself as businessman, actor and a rap artist. With a bad childhood he was even made to stay at Youth Challenge Academy in 1994, because of being involved in wrong activities and all anti-social activities, but this never gave a break to his talent. After releasing he made sure to stay away from all the wrong habits and focus on music career for a happy life ahead. His first album “Thuggin” topped billboards and also got platinum certification from RIAA which was an achievement itself to start and boost his career. After this there was no looking back and he gave successful albums and songs with singers like Rihanna, Usher and Akon. A boy coming from violent background to this stardom was an achievement itself and a strong inspiration for everyone around him. Personal life
He is one of the industry artists whose personal relations are not much covered and he has been able to hide them secretly. All that is known is about his children who are living with him a happy life. He has given 5 albums till date and each has millions of hits and is still among the top played songs in The United States ofAmerica.