Wealth takes time to be there

There are a number of people in the film industry who entered it without any intention and once they have got clear vision the success is achieved in a grand way. The story of Michael Caine is also something like this only. The British born film star is a big name who have played a number of roles in movies and also proved his acting skill in the stage plays but he was never intended to do so as he was basically a soldier. He had fought the war against Korea on the side of British Army and once the war was over returned to the country. He decided to do something different and therefore got a job at a theatre and gradually entered the stage plays also.

He did a lot of TV programs and also leading roles in some of the movies. This career rewarded him with a huge amount and today at the age of 82 he is considered to have net worth of $ 75 million. He got married to Shakira Baksh in the year 1973 and has a daughter namely Natasha. He has a grand house in Surrey London and a big villa at Miami. He has won a number of awards as he is an actor and a successful film producer. He is also an author and an entrepreneur. He has won the Academy award twice and wants to won the same for the third time also. Than he is planning to have a retired life at the age of 90. His temperament for the work and dedication to the work has really made him true claimant for such a worth and also an example for many others who are active in the same field. click here to know more information rock stars net worth