Steps to book bus ticket from Singapore to Penang

Travelling from Singapore to Penang is one among the best experiences a person could have. The trip is preferred to be done by a bus from Singapore to Penang as their journey between them is amazing due to the pleasant weather and beautiful scenery. If you are a nature lover than Singapore to Penang bus is the best option for you.

Tourists can easily access a bus from Singapore to Penang. As Singapore to Penang does not have any direct flights, one has to land in Kuala Lumpur. From here, he/she could take a Singapore to Penang bus. You can choose the bus you prefer according to your timing, budget and convenience. Most Singaporeans prefer the option of a direct bus from Singapore to Penang If you’re willing to make the journey from Singapore to Penang then you could follow these easy steps- 1. Choose a date- firstly you have to choose a date according to your convenience to reach the genting highlands. This is essential as few buses are not available on weekend, while some others are available at your service only on weekends. During public holidays or peak seasons, some companies may charge high fares for buses. So it is advisable to make a booking in advance and buy your tickets at reasonable rates. 2. Select the company – you can choose the bus company as there are seven different kinds of lines from Singapore to Penang. You can take this decision according to your timing and budget. You can find about the time of arrival and departure in Singapore. 3. Purchasing bus ticket- you can purchase the ticket of the bus online or directly from their counter. While some buses allow making online booking in advance, several others may ask you to purchase the ticket from their office or centers. 4.

For the convenience of the tourists has made online booking for bus ticket much easier.

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