Simon Cowell has the highest net worth

A lot of people saw this man and still see him to be one of the sternest people in talent hunt judging history. However, ABC has come a long way before the all American popular television show. This man is currently the leading celebrity with the highest cash where television personalities are concerned. This should tell you his net worth and how valuable he is. He has made the careers of so many men and women and a lot of celebrities that we know today. The net value of ABC is $350 million with yearly earnings at $95 million.

Although this might seem like too much money for a man who is not married, he has so many responsibilities and keeps investing to make the most out of what he has now. He has for so many years now been investing in the careers of other artistes and talents which has fetch him a lot of money. He is not an America. He is from Britain and he has been able to break into the silver screens of America with so many people having massive respect for him especially in the area of being able to notice true talent and uniqueness. Although he has had some bad celeb news years, he has always had a way to tell the paparazzi and entertainment journalists he does not care. Yes, he goes about his life in a care-free way doing what he loves and producing the best of artistes. He also runs a television production house and is into music publishing. He has an amazing team that he works with to achieve the perfection he needs to make the world see. He earns more in the United States than so many American television personalities and this makes him stand out tall all the time. click here to know more information richest rappers