Prenatal Massage: What is the right time?

Most of the female only look forward to postnatal massage, to get back their body in shape and lose weight. But very few women realize the importance of prenatal massage for a better mental and physical strength during their to-be mother stage. This therapeutic pregnancy massage is in fact the most recommended massage for women during their beautiful 9 months. Although there are many ambiguous reactions to the suggestion of prenatal massage because of the fear of pain or fear of miscarriage, but this fear should not underlie the fact that if given properly in pregnancy care centre, the antenatal massage can be drug-free pain relief for all the women.

When should a pregnant female go for her prenatal massage? The most important question and frequently asked question by females is what is the right time they should go for the massage. Prenatal Massage Singapore centers share the fact that to-be mothers can go in all the three trimesters i.e. first , second, third trimester . But many pregnancy centers refuse for the same during first trimester with the fear of high risk to the child leading to miscarriage. The experts say that first 12 weeks of pregnancy is very delicate, so the certified professional must be an expert in handling every posture if a woman wants the pregnancy massage during this course. Rest the best communication between the client and therapist is useful for the whole massage. The client should share all the details about recent bleeding, about high BP or several headaches and few other details, so that professional can take care of each posture. Conclusion This massage is safe and important catalyser for healthy growth of child and mother. From nerve relaxing to hormone regulation, it brings all kind of relief to pregnant females.