Masticating & Centrifugal-Understanding Difference between the Best Juicer Machines

The debate between centrifugal and best masticating juicer juicers is an on-going one. Juicers have always played a major role in the lives of people, especially those who focus on a strict and healthy diet plan.

A look at these two major types of best juicers on the market as well as their advantages and disadvantages. • Centrifugal juicers Just as the name signifies, these juicers make use of the centrifugal force in order to extract juice from the fruits and vegetables. The user has to push in the vegetable or fruit down through the tube that would be saved by the blades that are spinning greatly, likely at a 12,000 RPMs. Advantages: These juicers are extremely easy to be used as they don’t require an individual to have any sort of special training. These models are quite effective in terms of performance. Also, these juicers are extremely easy to be cleaned after every usage. Disadvantages: The only downfall of these juicers is that they emit a lot of heat while functioning, thereby reducing the nutritional value of the juice. These machines also produce a little bit of noise, and they are not appropriate of extracting juice out of wheatgrass. • Masticating Juicers These juicers are divided into two types of best juicers on the market, namely twin-gear juicers and slow juicers. The former type is equipped with two cylindrical rollers made of stainless steel. On the other hand, the slow juicers have blades that run at a speed of around 75 to 155 RPMs. Slow Units: Apart from being easy to clean, these juicers can produce a greater quantity of juice as well as ensure the longevity of the produce. The only pitfall of this type is that they are quite expensive and hence inappropriate for those living a busy and fast schedule.
Twin gear Units: As these juicers make use of rollers for extracting juice, the quality is usually highest. Similar to the slow units, these ensure a prolonged life span of the juice. Also, just like the slow units, these are quite expensive. Whichever best juicer you choose, ensure that you have done a thorough research about it and have finalised the deal.