How Internet Radio Works?

Today, everyone have access to the internet and so to the media working with internet. Radio is the means of communication which had been getting advanced decade by decade. It started with analog technology and today we have digital technology to work it with. Coming to the technical side, we must need to know how this Internet Radio actually works.

Working of Internet Radio Let us grab some technical information regarding working of internet radio. Today with the latest technology, it is easy to broadcast information in form of live audio over the internet. For broadcasting any information a system needs Source (person broadcasting), Server (Platforms) and the Listener or the destination. The source mixes the audio sources and generates the live voice to be broadcasted. The server like broadcast it to the surrounding. The listener connects to the server via internet and can listen to the broadcasted signal like live speech, music, sports etc. Internet Radio has advantage over the traditional radio. Traditional Radio is limited in two factors: • Power of station transmitter is limited to 100 miles • Available Broadcast Spectrum While the internet radio has no geographic limitation, station broadcasting in India can be heard in other countries. Internet Radio broadcasting can be with photos, graphics, text i.e. they are not only limited to audio. It offers a wide spectrum to broadcast. The graphic, image, audio signals are sent in packets over the internet by CDMA and are then received by the receiver in form of transmitted signals.
You can make your own Yes, you can also create your own internet radio station. You just needs are these elements. CD player (audio generating device source), software to copy audio to computer’s hard disk, some editing software and audio mixers, microphone, Audio card, dedicated computer with encoder software and streaming media server.