Facebook a new face of social networking

Facebook is known as the leading Social Connectivity Roof where individuals are interacted at very large. And when you're at social and public place you must set privacy settings & security changes in order to protect your account. Privacy concern in Facebook has increased because of perilous Facebook hacker and malicious software. Facebook team has improved a lot in this matter by providing some facilities to all users. They have made such options & settings with which every individual is allowed to customize his/her account to provide safety to user's account. Unfortunately most people don't know the correct way to upload their information on web.

In short, you can have better privacy for your Facebook profile and information such as Photo Albums, Videos, Friends list, Application, Posts, Updates, etc. by taking the following 10 Best tips: 01. Make Friends List Private in Facebook: Every individual has some personal friends, whether you name them as close or best or whatever you want to. They are really such special that you need them to put on your profile in a separate list. Also sometime you don't want your boss or coworker to interrupt in your friends list. This option will let you to set your customize friends list. Also through this customization you can manage your Facebook account in better and stylish way but do care so that it does not fall prey to Como Hackear Facebook. Also this is effective when you want to sort out your friends in hurry and you don't want to check the entire list.
02. Make Facebook Photos Private: Are you worried about receiving annoying comments on your Facebook Photo Albums? Or. Do you want to keep your photos with you but in a safer & private place? No need to worry about that, because Facebook provides you the service where you can store and save your memorable photos without having interruption by people. You can definitely set privacy level as per your need on your photos as you need to take care from Hackear Facebook