6D eyebrow embroidery: Before & after Care

Introduction As more and more girls with thin eyebrow hairs are getting Korean eyebrow embroidery done to have an intense eyebrow, it is very important to look into the care that is required before and after the process so that there is no permanent damage to the face or eyebrows. Along with the fact that you need to consult a certified technician who is using sterilized tools and effective creams, you also need lot of care pre and post process so that this can last properly for 2 years.

Pre Eyebrow embroidery care 1. Do not apply much make up before the process also so that your eyebrows can come in natural shape and make it easier for the technician to work upon. 2. Do not go for any swimming also before the process Post Brow embroidery care:- 1. Try avoiding putting make up and coming in contact with water for atleast next 1 eek, so that the shape and technique can be effective and does not get spoiled. 2. Wait for 4-6 weeks, for secondary coloring because sin regeneration is a slow process. Don’t be harsh with your skin by applying regular colors. 3. You can use face wipes to keep away the sweat instead of using water. 4. Do not panic if your eyebrows shrink a bit after few days, that is completely natural and this fact is taken while they are designed. Final Thoughts eyebrow embroidery singapore is gaining lot of attraction and the experts are taking complete care while performing the process. They provide assistance even after the eyebrow embroidery is completed and gives you proper medication in case there is any redness. You should continuously see the expert before using any cream, the type of make-up you are using and also if you are going to get a secondary color done to your newly shaped eyebrows.