Zeltiq - A Non Surgical Alternative To Liposuction

A year ago, accepted by the FDA, Zeltiq, also called CoolSculpting, is a cosmetic procedure that is new that many perceive as a noninvasive alternative to liposuction. The system that is Zeltiq makes good use of a clamp-like apparatus with two gel spots attached to it. Unwanted flab is clamped between the two spots, a technique which induce the fat cells in the body die and to freeze, becoming consumed by the body as time passes.

Professionals in the area claim that the science of coolsculpting nyc, or in layman's terms, the decomposition of fat due to freezing. The theory is the fact that the fat cells certainly will expire before another encircling cells do and under the skin are much less resistant to the cold; so, the skin is protected throughout the procedure. The company reports fat decrease percents of up to 40% in the treated region although no independent research has yet to be ran. The outcome of the process will not be instantaneous because the fat cells that are frozen are processed by the body above an interval of several months. With regards to the patient keeping a regular routine of exercise and diet, the outcomes may be long-term. Since the process can only just freeze present fat off, not from being kept prevent new fat cells, the long term advantages of the process rests completely with the person. Cosmetic surgeons say that it will not replace a healthy active lifestyle as the main method of weight loss and don't advocate the process for patients who are significantly overweight. According to body contouring specialists, the best candidates are those of average body weight who only possess a persistent part of flab that WOn't go away despite exercise and diet. The process is mostly used to freeze away unwanted fat across the abdomen or back. Compared to liposuction, the Zeltiq coolsculpting nyc procedure takes a fraction of the time and price and is not as invasive. Patients choosing for Zeltiq can return to their regular activities immediately following the process while the healing time after liposuction can vary from several weeks as well as months.