Different Types of CPAP Masks

When you were diagnosed with sleep apnea, their physician will recommend treatment using CPAP gear, including the machine providing you with the presurized atmosphere and records the patient's sleep data, a mask worn on the mouth and nose or perhaps the nose, and at times a humidifier if one isn't assembled to the machine. This treatment helps the man's throat to keep open during sleep and prevent respiration cessations, also called "apneic events."

A pillow that is nasal CPAP mask equipment atmosphere through nasal pillows which can be placed below the individual 's nose and has side straps. The side straps are there to keep the mask in position during sleep. Because these sorts of Vpap masks do not cover as much of the face, for whom a nasal pillow mask may be perfect patients are those prone to claustrophobia. Additionally those who wear spectacles can wear their eyeglasses with this particular mask, which allows for the full field of vision. Another version of nasal pillow mask has ball-cap-style straps and equipment air pressure either through nasal pillows or cushions. Patients can fix the front mount which has the nosepiece down and up. The straps keep the mask in position. This type of CPAP mask may be great, like with the preceding version, for those who tend to be claustrophobic. It is less cumbersome than many other mask sorts, and patients can sleep on their sides and bellies, since there aren't any side straps. A Vpap mask with side straps and foam pillows equipment air pressure through the nose right from the mask. Foam, which helps you to seal the mask is contained by the perimeter of the mask. Side straps hold in place the mask. This model could be great for patients whose physicians have prescribed this and allows for higher air pressure. The mask sticks to the face with a foam bit but generally does not create the sense of a lot of pressure. It is additionally a good mask as the foam section and the shape of the straps permit the headgear to bend for those who move around a lot during sleep.