Looking At The Star Wars Franchise

A movie franchise is a large story broken into parts with each part carrying a story that forms part of the bigger picture. Movie franchises are one of the biggest raves in the entertainment industries. Billions of dollars gave been made from the most powerful franchises in the movie industry. These franchises are landmarks of entertainment. A large amount of revenue is gotten from franchises from cinemas, TV and home video. The 21st century has seen incredible performances from many movie franchises. The Lord of The ring, Harry Potter, pirates of the Caribbean is some of the most iconic movie franchises amassing billions of dollars from the box office. No article on the topic of franchises would be complete without the mention of one of the greatest franchises the world has had the privilege to witness, the star wars franchise.

This is not your ordinary space movie franchise, this is star wars battlefront. A story so gripping and brilliantly told it has had audiences on the edge of their seats for decades. This isn’t just your regular franchise; it is a story made in the stars. The franchise tells the story of different characters in a world so much cooler than ours and in a time so long ago. The first part of this epic series was released in the year 1981 and the galaxy hasn’t remained the same since then. Other parts include the Star wars 7, a commercial and critical success amassing over two billion dollars at the box office. The series will go on to make seven other epic parts each story told with the same charm that captured both young and old back in the 80s. A charm that has lost none of its potency for over three decades. The latest episode of the star series, rogue one was released in December 2016 starring Felicity Jones and Forrest Whittaker, and academy award winner. This latest installment was released to critical acclaim and positive reviews from critics. This installment was also a high earner at the box office grossing over four hundred million dollars. This is a must watch for every movie lover out there. The gamers are not left out with star wars battlefront that takes one on an exciting virtual journey. It is a must have experience.