Michelle Obama - As a Role Model

I like Michelle Obama net worth She comes across, smart, really connected to her part ever, and understanding, grounded, a sense of humor. She's an athletic sense of style. That design is a superb role model for women of all ages.

Then there's the issue of the arms of Michelle. A lot was said and written about her fit, toned arms that she shows by wearing sleeveless. I believe it's wonderful that she shows off her arms while being comfortable under hot lights and scenarios that are nervous. Is not it about time that as a country we can say to all women, take your jacket or jumper, your sweat shirt or suit coat off and be trendy! As menopausal women in the work force, let us get the clue from the First Lady and show off our arms, bat or toned wings, in the name of democracy and coolness. You do not see Michelle appearing matronly, or revealing a lot of cleavage. I genuinely like the appearance that is no cleavage. Way an excessive amount of bosom to be considered role models is shown by a lot of celebrities. Other women in the public eye appear too drab in dark colours and designs that are tailored and go to the trend extreme. Michelle wears dresses! In the past few years, attempting to locate a dress (age appropriate) at let us say Nordstrom continues to be equal to going on a treasure hunt. I will be expecting Michelle Obama net worth brings back the popularity of the dress, with sleeves or not, as her husband brings back the market so we can all manage to buy one .This is the 'official' picture of our first lady, Michelle Obama. Click here for more information http://richestnetworth.org