Disadvantages of the online music player that cause a lot

online music player is a great option for the songs lover. Instead of buying the CDs or DVDs you can stream the music from the online. You can listen to the songs that you want. At the same time you can download them through the online mode. You can download these songs in your computer or in the phone and you can enjoy the music anywhere at any time.

The online music player contains so many advantages but with this it also has so many disadvantages too. Advantages are related with the storage options and many more. Disadvantages of the online music are • One of the major problems is the audio format. Mostly all the music online stores offers the music in the same format. • Mostly music is encoded in a single lossy file format. The music on that is encoded on the lossy file format that is MP3 format is not rated much. • The risk of the virus is not there in the CDs, but in downloading the songs from the online also receives virus in your device. This is one of the dangerous disadvantages, which always come in the path of the digital downloading. • Some of the online music stores is running illegally, that music they don’t have the permission of online music business. • Some online music stores leak the music of the artist in the illegal way. • Another biggest disadvantage is the registration, some of the music sites make you to register yourself to the site then you have to pay some amount in order to access the songs or for downloading the songs from their music sites. Online music player is a kind of change for the listeners to the music, but this may some who give you some disadvantages. Online music is somehow good and bad too. You can get everything from there but with some disadvantages too.