Mature Figure Skating - Advantages of the New Judging System

This week, I will be featuring a comment on the figure skates scoring system that is competitive. The official name is "The Cumulative Points Calculation Judging System" (hereafter referred to as CPC) although most of the time it is referred to as "the new system" or "CoP" (Code of Points). Without going into an excessive amount of detail, it replaced the 6.0 system in 2003, following the judging scandal at the 2002 Olympics (Google it for all the sordid details).


Now to be totally truthful, this week I've to show lots of restraint. I really could talk about CPC for hours! Skate Canada has a 41- page guide which describes how the system operates and there are any amount of clarifications and upgrades for your reading enjoyment every year from the International Skating Union. Best of all, we grownups haven't been forgotten! How does mature figure skating change? Talking from personal experience, I've to say I adore it! By far the greatest advantage of this system is that areas of skating are evaluated to give you the final result. Beneath the 6.0 system, the technical mark finally ended up being the results of a bound-off (who did the most triples?) and the arty symbol was nebulous at best and at its worst was a tool to market the judge's favourite figure skates skater (regardless of how nicely they could have skated).