Girls on the Rise in Hunting!

The National Hunting Survey of Hunting, Fishing and Wildlife Associated Recreation, released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, demonstrates increase in female hunter contribution since 1991 and reveals a boom in the amount of girls 6-15 who hunt. The survey reveals a 50 percent increase from 2001-2006 over an identical five-year period from 1991-1996, reports.

For all those of us girls which were the sole woman in the gang and have grown up hunting this can be great news! The hunting business has nevertheless, not kept up with the demand for women's hunting baselayers clothing and equipment. There are several providers getting the picture, now, that girls do not need to look like one of the men, even though they can hunt like one. A few of the newest girls on the block are catering more to the female contour. Businesses like SheSafari and Prois offer a line of clothing tailored for girls. Rifles will also be coming along. I recall longing to truly have a rifle that fit my height. Now rifle firms are producing rifles that fit girls and youth, making that killing shot much more easy. Archery in addition has come along offering bundles for girls. Men are no longer merely catered to by Outfitters. Couples are being offered by them as well as women's excursions to create girls feel more at ease. The NRA also has application's made for Muzzy broadheads and girls ! All in all the rise in girls hunting, is enriching the sport of hunting, and girls are meeting with more girls who hunt, across the way making it more pleasurable for all!