Top factors to consider when buying a used diesel generator

There are many benefits you will get when you purchase a low-hour or a pre-owned used diesel generator. Homeowners and both small and large companies routinely buy diesel generators that are used because this offers them a cost-effective way of buying a high-quality industrial machinery or heavy equipment. Nevertheless, there are many considerations and factors that must be looked at carefully when deciding to purchase a used generator. Basically, the process of buying the best diesel generators starts with selecting the correct used generator for specific requirements at home or at worksite. In other words, you must determine what size of generator you need before purchasing it.


When buying a used onan diesel generator, there are many factors you will have to consider. Some of these include usage, the number of hours the machine has been operating and the age of the generator. Understand that a generator may be 10 days old but may have operated for less than 48 hours. Apart from this, you must also factor in the reputation and history of the manufacturer before purchasing the used generator. This is because some manufacturers are known for producing reliable and rugged generators. Some manufacturers also build generators to last long. This means that their used generators will still be strong enough to offer reliable services. Before you buy a used onan 7500 quiet diesel generator, you must first determine how well the generator has been maintained. If the generator has operated for long hours without proper maintenance, your cost of maintaining the machine will be very high. Any physical wear and tear must also be looked at carefully before purchasing a used generator. It is also recommended that you only purchase a used generator after subjecting the generator to a Load Test. A Load Test is standard practice offered by dealers and is used to determine overall efficiency of a generator in generation of electric power.